We started building our studio in 2021. From the beginning, we dreamt of a wood-fired kiln. On a limited budget, we started looking for recycled materials on auction sites. As is often the case, our initial attempts to save money and our lack of experience resulted in the kiln having to be rebuilt three times. Finally, after a year's worth of work, the heart of Huba was completed and the first flame filled it in May 2022.


In the meantime, more tools were created – old oak benches were given a new life as a potter's wheel, and a rock in the flowerbed was turned into the querns we use to grind minerals. In August 2022 we built another kiln – this primitive structure is modeled on ancient European kilns and is used to fire the so-called black ceramics. In the future, we would like to build a separate workroom and a storage area. We are also tentatively thinking about a larger kiln, such as the Japanese Noborigama – we dream of firing over several days combined with workshops.... 


Inspired by nature, enlivened by fire — Handmade, wood-fired ceramics from Poland