We live in times when for just a few Euros you can buy a plastic mug, an artificial bonsai tree, or a copy of Van Gogh's Sunflowers. Even though ours is an era of overabundance, there are very few things we would like to pass on to our children or grandchildren, so that these objects can become family heirlooms.

Huba came into being as a response to our reflection and frustration with today's raging consumerism. We have been reflecting on the situation (humanitarian, economic and political) where millions of objects are manufactured only to be dumped or abandoned right after they were made. We decided that at Huba we'll do things differently.

Huba is an invitation to rethink together what makes us see things as valuable and beautiful. Right at the start we decided Huba is going to be a small artists' studio rather than a regular manufacture. This gives us direct and personal contact with the materials we source and process. We have chosen woodfiring. Therefore, so much in the process of making ceramics depends on chance, and in the end the pots' appearance is the result of the collaboration between man and the elements.
We believe that objects that surround us shape ourselves and our environment. Bearing that thought in mind, we decided that only the objects we truly want to make will go into the kiln.


Jakub Ciemachowski                                                                                 

Piotr Kołakowski


Inspired by nature, enlivened by fire — Handmade, wood-fired ceramics from Poland