When creating our pieces, we try to avoid direct inspiration, but rather adopt a particular way of thinking about the material. We look with admiration at the modesty and beauty of the domestic ceramics of ancient cultures. Nature also has a strong influence on us; after all, we make our objects mainly from the materials we literally find under our feet. 


The transformation of clay into ceramics is often a long and complex process. This formless, yet malleable, matter is shaped, then transformed, into a raw, brittle vessel to finally become fire-hardened stoneware – while retaining traces of the previous stages. In this transformation one can see a metaphor for natural processes and for human life itself. The most beautiful vessels are often created in the hottest fire, but the price they pay are cracks, scars or deformations. Looking at ceramic vessels, we learn to read the objects' past and to appreciate imperfection as their inherent value.


Inspired by nature, enlivened by fire — Handmade, wood-fired ceramics from Poland